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Organizational Objectives

a. To operate a voluntary, community-based organization which contributes to enhancing a sustainable environment through promotion of fuel saving mechanisms like improved energy saving stoves, tree planting, improved farming methods and others.
b. To ensure that Environment protection principles remain in the forefront of national decision-making in all matters of agriculture, climate change mitigation and adaptation, gender, HIV, water and sanitation and community welfare and development.
c. To promote farmer basic literacy, improved agricultural and environmental conservation sensitization so as to promote improved household incomes as well as sustainable use of natural resources.
d. To mobilize and distribute agricultural inputs and support including improved seedlings, organic fertilizers, natural pesticides and tractor use for communities to enable them have improved production and productivity in agriculture.
e.To offer referrals services to needy groups in the operational area and also encourage them and their parents / guardians to access service providers which may better lives of the children, youth, women and the elderly.
f. To build confidence of needy groups in Uganda to better themselves through information, formal and non-formal education and communication services.
g. To develop coalitions among government (national, district and local), business, academia, communities, civil society, and the general public for the purposes of building, protecting and conserving Uganda’s environment, using sustainable and commercial models

On going activities
. Environmental conservation eg Improved stoves, tree planting
. HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns
. Water harvesting

. Biogas construction





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